Digital Marketing

No matter how big or small your business, our digital marketing team in London can provide you with digital marketing solutions that will help your business grow.

Facebook pages, twitter feeds, YouTube channels and mass emails can be incredibly effective at getting your message out there, if you do it right. Our team can advise you and help you use social media to your benefit, to create more brand awareness and engage with your potential customers.

Our digital marketing services also include pay per click campaigns, such as AdWords and Facebook ads. AdWords campaigns allow you to reach the front page of Google search results. We carry out keyword analysis, helping you find and target search terms that your potential customers are likely to use. Through Facebook ads, you can target potential customers based on interests, likes, location, and more.

It is our experience that money spent on pay per click campaigns is well worth it. We do, however, recommend that all digital marketing campaigns, especially pay per click campaigns, be accompanied by good SEO as your business will gain more from this in the long run. Contact our London office for a quick chat and we can help you find the right approach.

PPC – Google AdWords
Marketing your website to Google users and acquiring relevant click throughs.
Min. 3 month contract.

– create account
– research and select keywords
– create campaigns with ads
– set up bids
– choose target market
– assigning landing pages
– research
– management
– optimisation
– reporting

Setup: £600
Ongoing Monthly fee: £TBC
Excludes ad bid budget.
Please ask for more details.

Email Campaign

Creating simple email marketing campaign with reporting.

Single Campaign: £300
Excludes photography & copywriting

Social Media Ads (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter)

We recommend that our clients manage regular campaigns themselves, and we will assist in setting these up. The most successful campaigns are ones where content is the focus and drives engagement. This is where we would step in and assist with creating what is required.