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Website Packages To Suit Your Business

With everything becoming virtual, your website will in most cases function as your shop front. Just as a dusty shop window leaves a bad impression, so does a poorly designed website. The first step is to find out how you want others to see your business, and our web design team in London will work with you to create a design that best communicates that.

Alongside the design aspect, we offer domain name registration, website hosting and setup and support of email accounts. As we understand the importance of the capacity for good SEO, our team will also ensure that our web design is SEO friendly.

We believe in creating a positive experience and leaving our clients with a final product that they feel confident about. We can provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use the content management system, or we can provide you with full in depth training at our office in London.

Regardless of which sector or industry you are in, we are confident that we can provide you with a website that will strengthen your brand and your image. So if you are looking for a web design agency in London, give us a call!

Want everything without having the budgets? Lease a project!


£250 Month
  • Backup Management
  • Technical Support


  • Backup Management
  • Technical Support
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Content Publishing
  • Website Quality Assurance
  • Website User Monitoring
Basic = max 4hrs monthly
Standard = max 8hrs monthly
Advanced = max 16hrs monthly
What is Website Maintenance, and what does it all mean?

Website Maintenance comprises all the activities needed to ensure the operational integrity of your website. In other words, it is about doing all the things needed to make sure your site runs smoothly and according to plan. A website is ever evolving and needs to be kept up to date, especially for security purposes.

The activities from which Website Maintenance is composed are:

  • Technical Support – To respond to technical issues raised with a timeframe to fix.
  • Backup Management – To regularly back up the website and databases.
  • Infrastructure Management – To manage hosting.
  • Content Publishing – To keep content up-to-date, and rectify any issues content providers may be having.
  • Website Quality Assurance – To proactively spot content and technical errors on the site.
  • Website User Monitoring – To measure success and spot areas for improvement.
  • SEO – To optimise the website with the aim to attract more users.
  • Project Management – To project manage technical and other changes in a co-ordinated manner.

Building a new business can be daunting and very expensive. There are a lot of free tools out there which can work really well for your website, and we also build sites for smaller businesses using these.

If however, you need lift off on a complex project such as an e-commerce site or similar, with SEO, tracking, and more, there may be another route you can take. If you couple this with needing to create a brand, and all design assets, don’t fret we could still help.

We believe in great partnerships. We can build everything for you and lease the project back to you, so everything you want is included from the get go. This gives us an added incentive to do everything in our power to make it successful. This results in a very positive relationship, with everyone moving the project forward.

If you want to purchase the project in full at a later date, we are completely open to negotiating this. This can be negotiated prior to the project start date or once the enterprise is in a better position or if the solution has been developed in an agile manner.. You would have to sign up for an Advanced package as a minimum and agreement would only commence, once all the assets are ready.

We own the rights to the project, so if it doesn’t work we can attempt to resell the project. In which case we would negotiate a payment to you as well.

We like to keep things transparent, so please let us know if you have any questions, and we are always open to including any terms in the contract that you would want. The small print can be found here.