Insight Production

We specialise in creative services for the market research and brand strategy industry. We believe creative impact is the difference between great insight, and truly memorable insight.

We Empower Through Creativity

Run by Len Henriksen, former Snr. Videographer & Head of Creative at Added Value, we’re drawing on 4 years experience in producing impactful creative solutions for some of the largest clients within the WPP & Kantar network.

DSIP is levelling the playing field in creative production for insight. We’re offering smaller and independent research agencies access to the full breadth of client solutions normally available to larger agencies.

Our aim is not to replace your current creative team, but to supplement it. So you can have the freedom to push the boundaries of your creative expression, and ensure this helps land your insight in new and meaningful ways.

How We Work

Our creative insight experience spans across a vast range of qualitative, quantitative, brand and innovation projects; from consumer segmentation to brand positioning. Our understanding of how you work has allowed us to create an offer carefully designed around your needs and goals.

Video Production

Focus groups, jamborees
Ideation sessions
Ethnographic films
Vox pops
Brand films
Concept films

Graphic Design

Poposals, debriefs, workshop collateral
Powerpoint design
Infographic design
Interactive PDF
Stimulus, moodboard design
Immersion guide, workshop booklet

Motion Graphics Animation

Animated data viz
Internal info-mercials
Internal comms films

Web Design

Microsite client deliverables in Adobe Muse
Website client deliverables in WordPress

Some Of Our Clients



Due to the sensitive nature of consumer insight projects, and recent data protection laws, we are unable to display our entire portfolio. Please get in touch for full details.

Below are a few examples of projects available in the public domain.

Video Production and Animation


Graphic and Web Design